Before you start any Hormone Replacement Therapy with our clinic, you must undergo some specific analyses and blood tests. experts are competent practitioners in endocrinology and HRT (Hormone Replacement Therapy).

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Hormone Replacement Therapy Clinic


There are many websites and clinics that offer Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT) online services nowadays. However, quality and complete service in this specific field of endocrinology won’t be provided by many of them.

When it comes to hormone replacement therapy (HRT), doctors differ from the others. The difference is our long time experience. As for this, we were able to highlight the way we should work with our patients, so that we can reach the best result for every each individual.

QUALITY SUPPLEMENTS FOR HRT physicians are experts who will only prescribe high quality HGH and testosterone injections to their patients. The HGH and Testosterone we work with is tested by FDA and approved for use in US. All the pharmacies we work with are licensed in US and you will be provided with the best medical services.

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Before prescribing a specific type of hormone replacement therapy (HRT) HGH and/or testosterone, every patient must be examined by physicians. It must be a suitable therapy, no matter if it’s HGH or Testosterone Therapy. Although we can talk about decreased level of hormones related with aging, this can still be represented different for every each individual patient.

HGH or Testosterone individualized HRT is only prescribed by our experts if the patient has a deficiency of a particular hormone. Duration and dosage of hormone replacement therapy (HRT) depend on the severity of the symptoms and the levels of hormone deficiency for every each individual patient.


Complete information and support about individualized HGH and testosterone HRT are provided by doctors to their patients. That means that you will be informed about the benefits, as well as the side effects that are related to hormone replacement therapy.

We will talk about both the inefficiency of HGH and Testosterone therapy for some patients, and the necessity of these therapies for other patients. Your questions will always be answered by our experts in HRT.